A Secret to Conquer Light

Here is a wonderful secret for all the people seeking confidence, happiness and absolute fearlessness, by acknowledging a simple thought and realising the deep meaning behind it –

“This is my light and I shall fear nothing”

The biggest troublemaker for the people among the five senses is their ‘SIGHT’
. Everyday we face a sense of comparison, or prove something or there is some kind of fear. For example – 

  • looking at a person across a street and trying to prove something to them
  •  Indirect battle of egos with a fellow colleague or classmate
  • Seeing a beautiful girl/boy and intentionally trying not to look at them portraying you never noticed
  • Entering a crowded bus/ train and not making a eye contact ( showing that you are someone important)
  • Ignoring and judging the people by their appearance
  • Running away from innocent realities and finding refuge in smartphones
  • Constantly bombarding your mind that everyone is looking at you, though you are not looking at anyone.
  • Fear of looking at big crowds in malls, concerts, markets etc

The list goes on…
But the question is why? 

The point is – Light coming from them belongs to you once it enters your eyes and also the whole episode happens in your mind. Nobody really does anything to make you feel bad or provokes you. It was only you in the above list, just you.

You judged and disregarded your own share of light and the visual creation of your own mind. 

I hereby demand you to shout out loud and destroy this defensive and offensive mindset by saying this simple and powerful thought – 

This is my light and I shall fear nothing.

Repeat this thought again and again whenever you face the similar situation from the examples I provided you above and straightaway realise that – whatever  light enters through your eyes is a part of you and belongs to you

You are the rightful owner of all the visuals once your mind creates them. 

Then Why fear? Why judge? Why compare? Why envy? the creation of your own mind.

Everything you experience happens in the headquarters of your mind, nothing happens outside.

 Accept your light as it is and fuel the fearless flames of your consciousness!