A Secret to Conquer Light

Here is a wonderful secret for all the people seeking confidence, happiness and absolute fearlessness, by acknowledging a simple thought and realising the deep meaning behind it –

“This is my light and I shall fear nothing”

The biggest troublemaker for the people among the five senses is their ‘SIGHT’
. Everyday we face a sense of comparison, or prove something or there is some kind of fear. For example – 

  • looking at a person across a street and trying to prove something to them
  •  Indirect battle of egos with a fellow colleague or classmate
  • Seeing a beautiful girl/boy and intentionally trying not to look at them portraying you never noticed
  • Entering a crowded bus/ train and not making a eye contact ( showing that you are someone important)
  • Ignoring and judging the people by their appearance
  • Running away from innocent realities and finding refuge in smartphones
  • Constantly bombarding your mind that everyone is looking at you, though you are not looking at anyone.
  • Fear of looking at big crowds in malls, concerts, markets etc

The list goes on…
But the question is why? 

The point is – Light coming from them belongs to you once it enters your eyes and also the whole episode happens in your mind. Nobody really does anything to make you feel bad or provokes you. It was only you in the above list, just you.

You judged and disregarded your own share of light and the visual creation of your own mind. 

I hereby demand you to shout out loud and destroy this defensive and offensive mindset by saying this simple and powerful thought – 

This is my light and I shall fear nothing.

Repeat this thought again and again whenever you face the similar situation from the examples I provided you above and straightaway realise that – whatever  light enters through your eyes is a part of you and belongs to you

You are the rightful owner of all the visuals once your mind creates them. 

Then Why fear? Why judge? Why compare? Why envy? the creation of your own mind.

Everything you experience happens in the headquarters of your mind, nothing happens outside.

 Accept your light as it is and fuel the fearless flames of your consciousness!


A superconscious programmer

Its my first post, hope you read it 🙂

Consider that universe is a huge program designed by a master programmer. He created the most beautiful program of all time and we conscious beings are the variables working in probabilities. If we leave the earth, we will find that everything is pretty much following the mathematical and scientific probabilities like stars colliding, galaxies forming usual daily stuff at cosmic scale without any choice. All of this is a complicated model which is following the simplest rules of cause and effect.

God created us to live and unfold as a better version of a ‘ conscious variable’  in this universal programming. Since he created us he knows us very well like a father does. No father would like to see their beautiful son die and not live eternal with him. Since he is eternal and with all the might in the universe , his creation of humans is also bound to be eternal. However its not easy, because humans are balance of light and darkness or god and antigod most of it is attributed to the Satan as the books says. Satan is the king of the material world and controlling todays population by providing identification with ‘past and future’  and not letting them truly ‘present’ with god. This is the only dominion he has using our life from past and future imaginations and kill the present moments with the god. Satan is like virus destroying the functioning of the programme. 

God is still working on probabilities and demand us to choose from ‘ infinite combinations of life’ around us by just following the imaginary inner calling and light inside us to beat the darkness which we can,  by wearing the gods armour of light. In short we together with god are the  beautiful antivirus.

God has kept all the gifts and beauties until the end of times once we reach him following a seemingly long spiritual journey which is nothing but mental transcendence to our basic soulfulness. People say we live, we die and wait for judgment on being good or bad. But our lord never wanted us to be judged. If I was a father I would never choose that but yeah no choice left as the virus has corrupted so many conscious variables beyond means. We die because we got aloof from the magical elixir of life that he has in every single of his creation. I call it as a ‘secret code’ hidden in all the coding of the programming or a rhythm passing through whole song or a thread passing through all the needles. Makes sense right? Which can take us to the programmer himself and save us.

Humans are always in the awe of god that there is someone superpowerful, magical and creator of all creations sitting in a heavenly abode instead he is in every single bit of his creations which I call as godly rhythym guiding the whole probability software in mysterious ways. Accessing that rhytym is achieving singularity. So here I tell you we need to  look deeper inside ourselves. Everything is right inside and trust me it is!