How to channel Cosmic frequency through our Radio

God created us with brain which is like a powerful radio so that we can tune to the channel of  Cosmic frequency and listen to the whole song of infinity. Our brains only purpose is to lead us to God himself in our lifetime and not just after death. 

When we are baby our radio has no channels to play, it is at equilibrium – this is why babies look so pure with glimmering eyes and smile that can light up anyone’s mood. 

As we started acquiring knowledge, equilibrium got broken.

New channels were established such as love, drama, thrill, fear, hate, comparison, compassion etc. This list of radio channels include all the good and bad channels having all the memories and thoughts we acquired as knowledge. 

Let me explain how our radio works. Being the rightful owner of radio, our hand is constantly on the knob of the radio to choose or NOT to choose which channel to play. 

When we are not aware, Devil sneakily influences our hand on the knob of the radio, changing the channels to negative frequencies like –   Life is a mess, I don’t like this, I don’t like that, this is bad , I am bad, you are bad , everyone’s is bad, lots of comparison, lots of greed, lots of hate etc …. countless channels!

When we are aware, our Guardian Angel openly infuences our hand on the knob of the radio, changing the channels to positive frequencies like –  love, laughter, comedy, compassion, passion , empathy etc…. infinite channels!

This battle between Angel and Devil is the biggest battle of the universe, it happens right inside our mind or you can say right over our radio. 

Its devils job to keep us as distracted as possible throughout our lifetimes and as farthest as possible from the equilibrium. 

However, Its God’s game! And he made it rigged because he is more smart than Devil. Ofcourse he is.

God put unfair ways to bring back the balance and devil has only ONE way to tip off the balance. 

Devil loves thinking. And he has made us habituated of it. 

  • The moment we choose not to think or you can say when we are present , our hand on the radio knob cannot be influenced by the devil because we are in presence of God, Devil cannot dare to do anything. Straightaway our radio starts tuning to the channel of cosmic frequency. Suddenly, the existence of Devil is in jeopardy. His existence will be completely wiped if the horses of thinking stops running for long.  
  • When we are thinking and positive, angels starts bringing back the equilibrium. Devil has to try very hard because positive thinking is more powerful than negative thinking
  • Lastly, When we surrender to the God completely and believes in him with all our might God himself removes our hand once for all from the knob of the radio, it is than neither devil nor angel can influence it. Instantaneously we come to equilibrium and channel of cosmic frequency starts running. Its hard to say if we are human or god at that stage. 

For example- Devil kept Gautam Buddha’s radio distracted with random frequencies for almost 35 years and the moment his radio knob stopped moving under a Banyan tree , just in a week or so he achieved Superconsciousness.

Even though game is rigged against devil, he managed to create 7 billion full time Human thinkers who were born as Human beings because Devil cannot afford to let a single person tune to cosmic frequency of infinity because they started religions before and became eternal – it took thousands of years for devil to poison those religions through human thinkers. He can’t afford to loose anyone again because this time stakes are high. Its end times.

 God demands JUST ONE , ONLY ONE of us to defeat Devil once for all before Devil defeats God’s best creation. 

Either way, Singularity is coming. 🙂


5 thoughts on “How to channel Cosmic frequency through our Radio

  1. Yes, duality (or the ‘separation of heaven and earth’) is falling away and no separation will remain, only ‘life’ and the expression of individuality with access to all realms of reality and possibilities!!

    I only really had this awakening in full measure about 6 months ago where instead of ‘fighting’ my low frequencies and the ‘satan’ I saw that this was unnecessary as there is no obstacle or lower self. The obstacle is but an illusion that hides your true nature and access to divinity.

    Thank you!! 🙂

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