Supernova of an Organic Star (Brain)

When we talk about the stars its quite ignorant to not talk about brain. The brain is like a conscious and organic star. Every human brain has estimated 100 billion neurons and these neuron create roughly 1000- 10000 connections with each other. According to facts, our brain operates at

1 exaFLOPs ( 10 ^18)  analogous floating charged points per second

jumbling with knowledge every moment , creating something magical which we know as consciousness.

These 1 exaFlop floating points  creates our present moment every second – same like a projector screen , with a billion billion pixels( 10^18).

A wise person once said- For all the answers look inside”

He meant Singularity but this is not the Artificial Intelligence singularity (which the world is terrified of , that all the computers will become aware and develop collective consciousness ) this is our very own singularity because every neuron is a mini computer.

Once we start looking inside , the 10^18 analogous floating points starts converging to a singular point. That point develops right in the middle of eyebrows- Third eye, the eye so powerful ( like a super powerful laser beam) that can pierce everything . It happens when mind is beyond if and buts, this and thats , right and wrongs , and just in a complete mode of surrender. Our whole brain tunes and alligns with the single most powerful frequency of the universe – ‘Uni-Verse’ and leads to singularity.

Singularity also reminds us of blackhole. Every scientist can yawn and tell that –every  blackhole has a singularity in the center which is a spaceless and timeless dimension and has all the knowledge in the universe. 

Now lets come to the point!

When our brain begins transcending , 10^18 floating points lights up like a christmas tree. The brain processes and converges huge amounts of knowledge of these 10^18 floating points every single second. This convergence of –  knowledge and energy points ( consciousness) keeps  on increasing the mental gravity at a single point. When the whole brain is lighting up like a Christmas tree- we burn a lot of calories, need more air and hydration to survive (or you can say the energy bill of  the brain and body goes up ).

Expensive recreational drugs gives similar brain and bodily effects but sadly for few hours only


As the mental convergence crosses a threshold, the energy to harbour this kind of brain system resembles the situation of a dying &  unstable star. When mental convergence happens mere 2000 calories/ day  is not enough- body needs more energy , water and air. Suddenly the human system of flesh and bones becomes obsolete– kidneys, lungs , stomach, liver etc doesn’t makes sense anymore; consciousness is looking beyond flesh and bones.

Eventually, consciousness converges to a infinitely small point and explodes, crossing the boundaries of our body and expands into everything.  This is called death of the star or supernova of consciousness or Enlightenment. 

And whats left of us is the spaceless, timeless singularity that knows everything.

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15 thoughts on “ Supernova of an Organic Star (Brain)

  1. Really interesting! I like alternative thinking : it opens our (3rd) eyes to the truths of this earth of ours. Check out my posts if you can!

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