Do our problems really matter on cosmic scale?

In this article, I will explain why we should really stop thinking and start living our lives through a mathematical and metaphorical example. For that I have done a bit of calculation which can be easily related and understood.

According to the facts, our minds have roughly 50000 thoughts in a day excluding the time when we sleep. Lets consider that one thought is equal to one meter , so humans roughly travel 50 kms a day in terms of mind activity. These 50 kms represent our lives such as socialising, working, talking, fighting, loving, comparing, hating and so much more. It includes all the good, bad , problems and solutions. Assuming that a person lives 75 years, our mind travels 1.4 million kms throughtout our lifetimes. 

Now comes the interesting part. If we put lifetime travel of our mind in the context of light speed we travel roughly 4.5-5 seconds only, as light travels 300000km/sec. Lets say we exist for 5 light seconds on earth( metaphorically) . If we consider whole population of 7 billion and equalise this concept, the ‘collective mind activity of whole humanity in 75 years of a lifetime is little more than 1000 light years’.

Take a pause now!…  and try to understand and imagine the scale of 5 seconds and 1000 years. Whatever we know, had known or will know exists ONLY for 5 light seconds, once we die- No more light!

Now ask this question to yourself! Does it really matter to fight with random stranger for ego? Does it really makes a difference to run after fame and artificial recognition? Does it really matter to hate someone?… Does it really matter to consume ourselves in problems? Does it really matter to fight over religions when we hardly know anything? And list is on and on….Because by the time we are done with all the ups and downs, its only just 5 light seconds while the rest of the humanity has progressed 1000 light years in mind activity. 

Nobody cares! And cosmic scale is not even bothered!

So start living, loving and spreading happiness every moment because at light speed ‘time is relative’ and 5 secs can stretch to whole ‘ Eternity ‘, if we truly enjoys it and be thankful for it.

Universe gave us 5 seconds of light, Just feel blessed!


8 thoughts on “Do our problems really matter on cosmic scale?

  1. Thanks for the post. We should be more loving. That’s in out true nature. Learning how to love over again, although a feat, is the best resolution to this epidemic. To love, happiness, and prosperity. Keep blogging!

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