Conveyor belt of life manifests Everything

This is one of my great concepts that explains how law of attraction truly works  which millions of people already knows about. Now I ask you to loosen your imaginations and visualise a conveyor belt in a factory. Its the  belt on which various parts are circulated and eventually a product is manufactured.

Lets bring a twist and now imagine that factory belongs to a universal creator, our life is the conveyor belt made up of infinite ‘moments’ which gives the sense of time and the present moment is the ‘ Now’ moment where the parts are delivered to be assembled. And we are the conscious beings which are standing in front of the conveyor belt and receives  the product once it reaches our ‘now’ moment. Always  remember all our life is the collection of  ‘now moments’ only , which gives us the sense and illusion of the past and future but instead is a constant nonstop present moment. 

Now suppose, you want a ferrari. You will say “universe O! Universe I want a ferrari!” The universe is like a genie and  says “your wish is my command! ” And puts all the ingredient of a perfect ferrari car on the conveyor belt of your life. In return Universe says remember! I have put all the parts of the ferrari on your conveyor belt and you can fetch it through your ‘ Now ‘ moment ONLY. When you truly believes that, Universe starts manifesting ferrari through all the possibilities and put it on the conveyor belt of your life. Caution! Your work is to assemble it. And assembling involves? Appropriate action and awareness when the part  of the ferrari comes. It can be in any form like a million dollar business idea or big lottery or big paycheck. In any possible way it will manifest and present it to you through your ‘Now moment’.

However its not easy! Why some people can achieve what they truly wished and why some people can’t is that they doubt the capability of the universal factory to manufacture their wishes and also when the part is conveyed through the conveyor belt or idea came through their conveyor belt, they were not aware about it and missed it, hence delayed it. This is the reason why some people become CEOs at young age and some people remains a clerk throughtout their life because we are the goal keepers  and conveyor belt of life constantly throws balls at us. Its our generous duty to keep track of ‘ Now moment ‘ and catch them all. 

The person who receives everything as it is and appreciates it as a gift  from the conveyor belt of life and doesn’t demand or expect anything it is then Universe increases the pace of conveyor belt and starts throwing love, fame, money, Everything.. you name it . Some  people in the past, they stood resolved in front of the conveyor belt no matter how big of the gifts it threw at them. They remained peaceful and thankful. Universe tried even harder to test their resolve but they didn’t demand anything materialistic. After all said and done they survived the test. Eventually universe gave up and sped the conveyor belt infinitely for them. Now there is no time for them, they became timeless beings and got all the gifts and blissness from the gods bosom – they are known as the blessed ‘ Prophets ‘ of various religions and leading a eternal life. Same way we just need to stop demanding,  and accept whatever we have from the conveyor belt of life because this makes universe happy as we treat ‘Now’ moment truly as a present or gift irrespective of how good or bad it is and universe starts giving everything to its beautiful creation ( us ) and eventually gives it all.


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