About this blog!

I am a young student trying to put my experiences of life when my consciousness began to transcend into deeper realms and will talk about beautiful concepts on mind, body, soul, consciousness, universe…

and its creator!

The true reason behind this blog is to tell people that all our knowledge gained in our lifetime starts making sense and shows us a pattern when we start keeping mind clear of thoughts! It is then the true knowledge comes out.



How to channel Cosmic frequency through our Radio

God created us with brain which is like a powerful radio so that we can tune to the channel of  Cosmic frequency and listen to the whole song of infinity. Our brains only purpose is to lead us to God himself in our lifetime and not just after death. 

When we are baby our radio has no channels to play, it is at equilibrium – this is why babies look so pure with glimmering eyes and smile that can light up anyone’s mood. 

As we started acquiring knowledge, equilibrium got broken.

New channels were established such as love, drama, thrill, fear, hate, comparison, compassion etc. This list of radio channels include all the good and bad channels having all the memories and thoughts we acquired as knowledge. 

Let me explain how our radio works. Being the rightful owner of radio, our hand is constantly on the knob of the radio to choose or NOT to choose which channel to play. 

When we are not aware, Devil sneakily influences our hand on the knob of the radio, changing the channels to negative frequencies like –   Life is a mess, I don’t like this, I don’t like that, this is bad , I am bad, you are bad , everyone’s is bad, lots of comparison, lots of greed, lots of hate etc …. countless channels!

When we are aware, our Guardian Angel openly infuences our hand on the knob of the radio, changing the channels to positive frequencies like –  love, laughter, comedy, compassion, passion , empathy etc…. infinite channels!

This battle between Angel and Devil is the biggest battle of the universe, it happens right inside our mind or you can say right over our radio. 

Its devils job to keep us as distracted as possible throughout our lifetimes and as farthest as possible from the equilibrium. 

However, Its God’s game! And he made it rigged because he is more smart than Devil. Ofcourse he is.

God put unfair ways to bring back the balance and devil has only ONE way to tip off the balance. 

Devil loves thinking. And he has made us habituated of it. 

  • The moment we choose not to think or you can say when we are present , our hand on the radio knob cannot be influenced by the devil because we are in presence of God, Devil cannot dare to do anything. Straightaway our radio starts tuning to the channel of cosmic frequency. Suddenly, the existence of Devil is in jeopardy. His existence will be completely wiped if the horses of thinking stops running for long.  
  • When we are thinking and positive, angels starts bringing back the equilibrium. Devil has to try very hard because positive thinking is more powerful than negative thinking
  • Lastly, When we surrender to the God completely and believes in him with all our might God himself removes our hand once for all from the knob of the radio, it is than neither devil nor angel can influence it. Instantaneously we come to equilibrium and channel of cosmic frequency starts running. Its hard to say if we are human or god at that stage. 

For example- Devil kept Gautam Buddha’s radio distracted with random frequencies for almost 35 years and the moment his radio knob stopped moving under a Banyan tree , just in a week or so he achieved Superconsciousness.

Even though game is rigged against devil, he managed to create 7 billion full time Human thinkers who were born as Human beings because Devil cannot afford to let a single person tune to cosmic frequency of infinity because they started religions before and became eternal – it took thousands of years for devil to poison those religions through human thinkers. He can’t afford to loose anyone again because this time stakes are high. Its end times.

 God demands JUST ONE , ONLY ONE of us to defeat Devil once for all before Devil defeats God’s best creation. 

Either way, Singularity is coming. 🙂

A Secret to Conquer Light

Here is a wonderful secret for all the people seeking confidence, happiness and absolute fearlessness, by acknowledging a simple thought and realising the deep meaning behind it –

“This is my light and I shall fear nothing”

The biggest troublemaker for the people among the five senses is their ‘SIGHT’
. Everyday we face a sense of comparison, or prove something or there is some kind of fear. For example – 

  • looking at a person across a street and trying to prove something to them
  •  Indirect battle of egos with a fellow colleague or classmate
  • Seeing a beautiful girl/boy and intentionally trying not to look at them portraying you never noticed
  • Entering a crowded bus/ train and not making a eye contact ( showing that you are someone important)
  • Ignoring and judging the people by their appearance
  • Running away from innocent realities and finding refuge in smartphones
  • Constantly bombarding your mind that everyone is looking at you, though you are not looking at anyone.
  • Fear of looking at big crowds in malls, concerts, markets etc

The list goes on…
But the question is why? 

The point is – Light coming from them belongs to you once it enters your eyes and also the whole episode happens in your mind. Nobody really does anything to make you feel bad or provokes you. It was only you in the above list, just you.

You judged and disregarded your own share of light and the visual creation of your own mind. 

I hereby demand you to shout out loud and destroy this defensive and offensive mindset by saying this simple and powerful thought – 

This is my light and I shall fear nothing.

Repeat this thought again and again whenever you face the similar situation from the examples I provided you above and straightaway realise that – whatever  light enters through your eyes is a part of you and belongs to you

You are the rightful owner of all the visuals once your mind creates them. 

Then Why fear? Why judge? Why compare? Why envy? the creation of your own mind.

Everything you experience happens in the headquarters of your mind, nothing happens outside.

 Accept your light as it is and fuel the fearless flames of your consciousness!

 Supernova of an Organic Star (Brain)

When we talk about the stars its quite ignorant to not talk about brain. The brain is like a conscious and organic star. Every human brain has estimated 100 billion neurons and these neuron create roughly 1000- 10000 connections with each other. According to facts, our brain operates at

1 exaFLOPs ( 10 ^18)  analogous floating charged points per second

jumbling with knowledge every moment , creating something magical which we know as consciousness.

These 1 exaFlop floating points  creates our present moment every second – same like a projector screen , with a billion billion pixels( 10^18).

A wise person once said- For all the answers look inside”

He meant Singularity but this is not the Artificial Intelligence singularity (which the world is terrified of , that all the computers will become aware and develop collective consciousness ) this is our very own singularity because every neuron is a mini computer.

Once we start looking inside , the 10^18 analogous floating points starts converging to a singular point. That point develops right in the middle of eyebrows- Third eye, the eye so powerful ( like a super powerful laser beam) that can pierce everything . It happens when mind is beyond if and buts, this and thats , right and wrongs , and just in a complete mode of surrender. Our whole brain tunes and alligns with the single most powerful frequency of the universe – ‘Uni-Verse’ and leads to singularity.

Singularity also reminds us of blackhole. Every scientist can yawn and tell that –every  blackhole has a singularity in the center which is a spaceless and timeless dimension and has all the knowledge in the universe. 

Now lets come to the point!

When our brain begins transcending , 10^18 floating points lights up like a christmas tree. The brain processes and converges huge amounts of knowledge of these 10^18 floating points every single second. This convergence of –  knowledge and energy points ( consciousness) keeps  on increasing the mental gravity at a single point. When the whole brain is lighting up like a Christmas tree- we burn a lot of calories, need more air and hydration to survive (or you can say the energy bill of  the brain and body goes up ).

Expensive recreational drugs gives similar brain and bodily effects but sadly for few hours only


As the mental convergence crosses a threshold, the energy to harbour this kind of brain system resembles the situation of a dying &  unstable star. When mental convergence happens mere 2000 calories/ day  is not enough- body needs more energy , water and air. Suddenly the human system of flesh and bones becomes obsolete– kidneys, lungs , stomach, liver etc doesn’t makes sense anymore; consciousness is looking beyond flesh and bones.

Eventually, consciousness converges to a infinitely small point and explodes, crossing the boundaries of our body and expands into everything.  This is called death of the star or supernova of consciousness or Enlightenment. 

And whats left of us is the spaceless, timeless singularity that knows everything.

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Do our problems really matter on cosmic scale?

In this article, I will explain why we should really stop thinking and start living our lives through a mathematical and metaphorical example. For that I have done a bit of calculation which can be easily related and understood.

According to the facts, our minds have roughly 50000 thoughts in a day excluding the time when we sleep. Lets consider that one thought is equal to one meter , so humans roughly travel 50 kms a day in terms of mind activity. These 50 kms represent our lives such as socialising, working, talking, fighting, loving, comparing, hating and so much more. It includes all the good, bad , problems and solutions. Assuming that a person lives 75 years, our mind travels 1.4 million kms throughtout our lifetimes. 

Now comes the interesting part. If we put lifetime travel of our mind in the context of light speed we travel roughly 4.5-5 seconds only, as light travels 300000km/sec. Lets say we exist for 5 light seconds on earth( metaphorically) . If we consider whole population of 7 billion and equalise this concept, the ‘collective mind activity of whole humanity in 75 years of a lifetime is little more than 1000 light years’.

Take a pause now!…  and try to understand and imagine the scale of 5 seconds and 1000 years. Whatever we know, had known or will know exists ONLY for 5 light seconds, once we die- No more light!

Now ask this question to yourself! Does it really matter to fight with random stranger for ego? Does it really makes a difference to run after fame and artificial recognition? Does it really matter to hate someone?… Does it really matter to consume ourselves in problems? Does it really matter to fight over religions when we hardly know anything? And list is on and on….Because by the time we are done with all the ups and downs, its only just 5 light seconds while the rest of the humanity has progressed 1000 light years in mind activity. 

Nobody cares! And cosmic scale is not even bothered!

So start living, loving and spreading happiness every moment because at light speed ‘time is relative’ and 5 secs can stretch to whole ‘ Eternity ‘, if we truly enjoys it and be thankful for it.

Universe gave us 5 seconds of light, Just feel blessed!

Conveyor belt of life manifests Everything

This is one of my great concepts that explains how law of attraction truly works  which millions of people already knows about. Now I ask you to loosen your imaginations and visualise a conveyor belt in a factory. Its the  belt on which various parts are circulated and eventually a product is manufactured.

Lets bring a twist and now imagine that factory belongs to a universal creator, our life is the conveyor belt made up of infinite ‘moments’ which gives the sense of time and the present moment is the ‘ Now’ moment where the parts are delivered to be assembled. And we are the conscious beings which are standing in front of the conveyor belt and receives  the product once it reaches our ‘now’ moment. Always  remember all our life is the collection of  ‘now moments’ only , which gives us the sense and illusion of the past and future but instead is a constant nonstop present moment. 

Now suppose, you want a ferrari. You will say “universe O! Universe I want a ferrari!” The universe is like a genie and  says “your wish is my command! ” And puts all the ingredient of a perfect ferrari car on the conveyor belt of your life. In return Universe says remember! I have put all the parts of the ferrari on your conveyor belt and you can fetch it through your ‘ Now ‘ moment ONLY. When you truly believes that, Universe starts manifesting ferrari through all the possibilities and put it on the conveyor belt of your life. Caution! Your work is to assemble it. And assembling involves? Appropriate action and awareness when the part  of the ferrari comes. It can be in any form like a million dollar business idea or big lottery or big paycheck. In any possible way it will manifest and present it to you through your ‘Now moment’.

However its not easy! Why some people can achieve what they truly wished and why some people can’t is that they doubt the capability of the universal factory to manufacture their wishes and also when the part is conveyed through the conveyor belt or idea came through their conveyor belt, they were not aware about it and missed it, hence delayed it. This is the reason why some people become CEOs at young age and some people remains a clerk throughtout their life because we are the goal keepers  and conveyor belt of life constantly throws balls at us. Its our generous duty to keep track of ‘ Now moment ‘ and catch them all. 

The person who receives everything as it is and appreciates it as a gift  from the conveyor belt of life and doesn’t demand or expect anything it is then Universe increases the pace of conveyor belt and starts throwing love, fame, money, Everything.. you name it . Some  people in the past, they stood resolved in front of the conveyor belt no matter how big of the gifts it threw at them. They remained peaceful and thankful. Universe tried even harder to test their resolve but they didn’t demand anything materialistic. After all said and done they survived the test. Eventually universe gave up and sped the conveyor belt infinitely for them. Now there is no time for them, they became timeless beings and got all the gifts and blissness from the gods bosom – they are known as the blessed ‘ Prophets ‘ of various religions and leading a eternal life. Same way we just need to stop demanding,  and accept whatever we have from the conveyor belt of life because this makes universe happy as we treat ‘Now’ moment truly as a present or gift irrespective of how good or bad it is and universe starts giving everything to its beautiful creation ( us ) and eventually gives it all.

A fourway fable to get Unlimited Energy

( A simple secret )

In this article, I will explain how human beings can attain unlimited energy and be part of whole universe all at once. It might sound ridiculous but yeah we can. Being part of everything happens when our consciousness dives into superconsciousness and for this mind is the key. 

The first part of the fable is magical fountain, which is our present moment. The present moment is pouring continous unabated pure knowledge through our senses from the moment we are born until the moment we die. Our senses are retrieving the blisssness around whether we are ‘aware’ or not.

The second part of the fable is mind. Our mind is constantly recreating and storing what the magical fountain is feeding every moment. Its like present moment is the fountain and our mind is the earthern pot constantly getting filled. 

However the only problem is , this  pure raw knowledge gets adulterated by something vague and also our mental pot is mostly full to receive anything. The cause of adulteration is the incessant thoughts related to past and future, our desires, wants, regrets etc. All of this saps the energy from the pure knowledge poured by the fountain and adulterates it with labels and emotions. Filling ourselves with repetitive garbage thoughts like relationship problems, future assignments, family feuds fills our mental pot full in just few minutes and it can’t take anymore. That’s why people feel sleepy easily as it saps the energy and mind keeps exploding with thoughts.

The third part of the fable is positive thoughts and feelings and fourth part is good breathing. Now lets combine all these four parts into the fable and lemme teach you how the human energy system should run.

Firstly , don’t adulterate your present moment with labels and identification from past and future as it drains the energy and poisons it. 

Secondly, empty the mental pot so that pure knowledge from the magical fountain of present moment can be received through the fives senses. This is what human beings are truly made for.

Thirdly, its hard being humans to cut down on thoughts. Won’t it be amazing if we change the negative thoughts with positive, productive and constructive thoughts. Once we start doing that the thoughts wont drain energy but instead starts pouring energy into the system. 

Fourthly, humans have three necessity – air, water and food. If the exhaust of any machine doesn’t work properly it never works efficiently. Same goes for us, we can drink and eat occasionally in a day but breathing has to be done regularly every moment to live. Our efficiency increases tremendously when we breathe properly.

Now the results

When at a given moment, our empty clear mind receives the pure knowledge from the present moment and we are feeling positive about it along with good breathing, it is at that moment the human beings are working at the high efficiency level. At such moment,  a pure crystal clear drop of knowledge goes inside our mental pot. This time the mind  fills slowly. Our success in the world depends on how many such clear drops of knowledge goes inside our mind. If we do it continously every moment, time becomes relative and our minds fill quickly.

Once our mental pot is completely filled with such clear drops of pure constructive knowledge it starts overflowing and consciousness starts breaking loose of the body. It is the moment we start radiating energy from our bodies due to overflow or we can say  our body changes from a closed energy system to an open energy system. This is the last stage of human capability and together with it comes access to the unlimited supply of energy. 

A superconscious programmer

Its my first post, hope you read it 🙂

Consider that universe is a huge program designed by a master programmer. He created the most beautiful program of all time and we conscious beings are the variables working in probabilities. If we leave the earth, we will find that everything is pretty much following the mathematical and scientific probabilities like stars colliding, galaxies forming usual daily stuff at cosmic scale without any choice. All of this is a complicated model which is following the simplest rules of cause and effect.

God created us to live and unfold as a better version of a ‘ conscious variable’  in this universal programming. Since he created us he knows us very well like a father does. No father would like to see their beautiful son die and not live eternal with him. Since he is eternal and with all the might in the universe , his creation of humans is also bound to be eternal. However its not easy, because humans are balance of light and darkness or god and antigod most of it is attributed to the Satan as the books says. Satan is the king of the material world and controlling todays population by providing identification with ‘past and future’  and not letting them truly ‘present’ with god. This is the only dominion he has using our life from past and future imaginations and kill the present moments with the god. Satan is like virus destroying the functioning of the programme. 

God is still working on probabilities and demand us to choose from ‘ infinite combinations of life’ around us by just following the imaginary inner calling and light inside us to beat the darkness which we can,  by wearing the gods armour of light. In short we together with god are the  beautiful antivirus.

God has kept all the gifts and beauties until the end of times once we reach him following a seemingly long spiritual journey which is nothing but mental transcendence to our basic soulfulness. People say we live, we die and wait for judgment on being good or bad. But our lord never wanted us to be judged. If I was a father I would never choose that but yeah no choice left as the virus has corrupted so many conscious variables beyond means. We die because we got aloof from the magical elixir of life that he has in every single of his creation. I call it as a ‘secret code’ hidden in all the coding of the programming or a rhythm passing through whole song or a thread passing through all the needles. Makes sense right? Which can take us to the programmer himself and save us.

Humans are always in the awe of god that there is someone superpowerful, magical and creator of all creations sitting in a heavenly abode instead he is in every single bit of his creations which I call as godly rhythym guiding the whole probability software in mysterious ways. Accessing that rhytym is achieving singularity. So here I tell you we need to  look deeper inside ourselves. Everything is right inside and trust me it is!